Intuition and the I Ching

Sometimes you have a writing project in mind that you can see ever so vaguely but don’t know where to start. Or, maybe you’ve gotten a good running leap at it and then all of a sudden you’re out of steam and stuck in the mud. Now what?

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Sink Don’t Swim

What the stalled or not-yet-started writer needs is some magic for getting in touch with himself, some key.

—John Gardner

While writing in my journal the other morning, it occurred to me why it’s so easy to plop down on the daybed and scribble in those pages as opposed to working on my “real writing.”

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The Big Li(f)e

In my early thirties I sat on the veranda of my father’s B&B at sunset and watched a barge move a load of coal up the Ohio River. It was a scene ripe with symbolism that I couldn’t see at the time. I’d just escaped a dangerous, dial 911 romantic relationship several states away, taking nothing with me but what I could shove into my little Mazda, including my two cats.

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